Our solution has a lot of options and each community has varying needs when it comes to communication and management via the web.

That is why we will guide you through our implementation process that starts with a quick and easy discovery session that will walk you through the options and let you communicate what you need today and into the future.

After that discovery session, we invite you to run through a demonstration of the solution so that new questions can be answered organically in the process and expectations are where they need to be to review the final proposed solution and get the project implementation kicked off.

  1. Discovery - We will interview you and discover what you need for UX, back-end operations, content, training and security.
  2. Demo - If desired, we will demonstrate the solution with you so that you can visually see how you will benefit. 
  3. Solution Proposal - We will craft the tailored approach, pricing and expected timing of the solution
  4. Kick-Off - When you are happy with our solution and are ready to move, we will schedule the kick-off and implementation project.