Having worked with local communities and development organizations for the past decade we have recognized the need to provide a solution that can reduce the costs and efforts of staff to maintain a high level of communication and engagement with an ever-growing constituency.

Our solution provides the following options, from which we discover with you, weigh the most critical and tailor the solution to fit your needs.

  • News and Alerts 
  • Blog
  • Events 
  • Economic Development Interactive Map and Property Listings 
  • Agenda, Meeting Minute Management 
  • Legislation Management 
  • Ad-Hoc Online Forms 
  • Council Member Management 
  • Interactive Ward Maps
  • Custom Workflows and Approval Processes
  • In-person and remote training sessions and user manuals
  • Secure firewall options
  • Reliable and Scalable Cloud Hosting
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Social Media Best Practices and Guidelines
  • Dedicated digital support specialists 

If you would like to dive deeper into any of these features, please contact us today.